Top 10 Massive Things in the Universe

  1. Super Void

A void is formed when an empty section of spaces is missing around 10,000 galaxies. It comprises only 30% of the galaxies compared to its surrounding area. The astronomers suggest that these voids evacuate energy as the light passes by. This causes the area to be cold. It takes about hundreds of million years to cross the big holes. Even the photons of light tend to slow down when they cross the voids. This results in the continuous expansion of the voids. According to an estimate, the voids fill up to 50% of the entire universe. And this number is expected to grow further as the gravitational force of the voids pulls all the surrounding matter towards it.

  1. U1.27 – Huge Large Quasar Group (LQG)

The LQGs in the universe collectively form the relatively largest astronomical structures. Huge – LQG covers about 4 billion light-years across space. It is 1.4 billion years in diameter. Roger G Clowes discovered Huge LQG at the sector of Constellation Leo in 2013. The astronomers consider LQGs as supermassive holes that feed on the matter. They are considered as the nuclei of galaxies which glow for a brief period that lasts about 10 – 100 million years.

  1. Giant Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) Ring

Recently, the astronomers discovered a ring of galaxies across 5 billion light-years around. According to them, this galactic ring was revealed by 9 GBRs at 7 billion light-years. It is 70% more in diameter compared to the moon. They discovered that when an end of the GBR reaches for a huge star, it collapses and forms a black hole. As a result, a huge amount of energy is blared in a collimated beat.

  1. Cosmic Web

According to a study, the galaxies in our universe are interconnected by a thin ionized gas. They are organized in the form of a network just like a spider web. This web is known as the Cosmic Web. The astronomers captured some images depicting the radiation from Quasar. Those images revealed the interconnection of the threads between the galaxies.


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