Top 10 Massive Things in the Universe

We often see and admire the beautiful creations around us. We are even keener in knowing the things that lie outside our planet. As we see different patterns of reflections via Kaleidoscope, our Universe also possesses a lot of amazing things in it. As we all know that, our Earth is a part of the Solar System, which is itself a small part of the Universe.

None of the astronomers could estimate the size of the whole universe size. They could not even estimate its starting or ending point. Our planet is just a microscopic thing compared to the size of this absolutely vast universe. Here we have listed some of the massive things in the universe, which the astronomers could ever determine.

  1. Ceres – The Largest Asteroid

Ceres was discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801. It is located in the asteroid belt which lies between Mars and Jupiter. It is composed of rock and ice. The astronomers also call it a Dwarf planet. It is spherical in shape and its size is about 945 kilometers. Due to its shape and small size, the astronomers originally classified it as a planet. But later on, they reclassified it as an asteroid in the 1850’s.

  1. UY Scuti – Largest Star

We always gaze at the stars in the sky night. We are amazed at the way they twinkle. Sometimes we even try to count them. However, most of us cannot comprehend their size. The German astronomers discovered the largest star in the Milky Way galaxy in 1860. They called it UY Scuti. Before that, we used to think that the Sun was the largest star in our galaxy. But UY Scuti surpasses Sun by 1,054,378,000 and 1,321,450,000 miles in size. This means that it is 1700 times more in size than the Sun. It is also 21 billion times the volume of the Sun.

  1. TrES-4b – Largest Planet

TrES-4b is so far, the largest known planet in the Universe. It is situated about 1,430 light-years away in the constellation of Hercules. Mandushev et al discovered it in 2006. He used the Transit method to discover it. It is 70% more in diameter compared to the mass of Jupiter. It is a gas giant. This planet is 4.5 million miles away from the Sun. The temperature on this planet is very hot. According to the astronomers, the year on this planet is only three days long. Although it was discovered in 2006, they announced it as a planet in 2007.



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