This planet could be the first stop on the way to Mars

In arranging another venture, usually valuable to take a look at earlier comparable attempts or analogs; knowledge of the past is dependably 20/20. In American history one comparable era is that of the American Western Frontier, when the country and the American brand of investigation and enterprise were progressing. Authentic reference from the past indicates investigation frontiers commonly make utilization of nearby assets, for example, water, along the investigation course.

The U.S. government under the administration of then president Thomas Jefferson financed the 1804 Lewis and Clark Expedition to discover a way toward the West Coast. They explored and studied the way and characterized cutting edge investigation. From 1842-1860, U.S. Armed force fortresses in this new empowered westward migration as waypoints and coordination resupply on a way for frontiers pioneers relocating West along the Oregon Trail. At first many questioned reality of gold claims in the West. It was not until President James Polk affirmed to Congress that the cases of gold stores were acknowledged as exact. This brought forth the 1849 Gold Rush.

There was a flood of miners bound westbound. Supporting them were residential areas that grew up to equip the miners and give the items they should need to spend their recently discovered wealth on. There was a free financial action in prospecting and logistic help of prospecting. Regularly this was a more tried and true monetary undertaking than the hit-or-miss bet of prospecting. The 1866-1869 Transcontinental Railroad joined the East and West Coast.


One of the advantages was studying vast swaths of land which gave information for future advancement. Another advantage was the moderately quick transport of individuals and goods and additionally social dispersion. The railroad quickened the speed of movement and the measure of cargo moved. This quickening expanded trade, as well as changed the manner in which we considered time, separation and topography. The West developed from the underlying overviews of the Lewis and Clark investigation, to the prospecting of entrepreneurial pilgrims.

first stop on the way to Mars
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Photo Credit: Credit: SpaceNews

On account of the framework support of the central government, the West abandoned an inadequately populated wild into a monetary motor of the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years.

It isn’t sufficient to investigate. You should know from where you are and from where you have been and from where you are going. The advancement of basic looking over and navigational framework quickened the improvement of assets.

Current Situation

Force is the money for space travel. The water ice showed to be available on the moon could give fluid hydrogen utilized as fuel and fluid oxygen and can be utilized as oxidizer. Their incentive as fuel is amazing with regards to LEO and significantly more prominent on the Lunar Surface. These potential water ice stores likewise have huge incentive as water to drink, air to inhale, water to develop plants with, and water as radiation protecting. The free market activity condition is vague for a cislunar economy.

On the supply side, there are no demonstrated stores of water ice on the moon. There are solid signs of water ice in the shadowed holes of the moon’s North and South shafts, yet there is no ground truth verification yet.

Regardless of whether water ice is affirmed, the underlying expenses of preparing and conveying may make it trying to influence a close term to benefit. Thusly, there is boundless lack of interest in the business network toward the possibility of mining dubious lunar ice. There is advertise indifference because of the amorphous idea of NASA gets ready for Mars (absence of earnestness, clearness or plan/plan prompting particular dispatch dates to Mars), and additionally an inadequate proposed SLS dispatch plan and the feasible far off date of going to Mars.

Proposed Plan

In view of freely accessible sources an expected 1.9 million kilograms of force is expected to fuel upper stages for outbound shuttle collected at 407-kilometer roundabout circle to put teams on Mars. A solution for the market stagnation noted above would be an all around advertised campaign pathfinder with the objective of empowering business partners to convey rocket fuel and oxidizer to a coordination’s node as a major aspect of the Mars investigation design.

This progression would promote NASA’s “Trip to Mars” exertion and make request work by giving a “corner store” for outbound shuttle at Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Two potential situations are a module “Drop tank” procedure or a choice to refuel utilized void tanks. This would build the payload limit accessible for conveyance to Mars surface. This resembles how a KC-135 refueling a B-52 in trip while in transit to an objective empowers the B-52 to convey however much payload to the objective as could reasonably be expected rather than fuel.

Beginning force for outbound rocket could be given from Earth amid pathfinder expeditions, similar to starting supplies conveyed to base camps for Earthly campaigns to summits. These pathfinder campaigns would depend vigorously on mechanical “scouts” to prospect, evaluate and study.


The beginning steps of this lunar investigation pathfinder is portray likely areas of usable assets, water ice, which has been demonstrated to be possibly present in the forever shadowed holes of the South Pole of the moon. As a major aspect of the prospecting procedure, collection of sample and drilling would happen utilizing mechanical wanderers, perhaps determined by Astronauts on Earth. Examination of these examples could approve synthesis and appropriateness as an asset for the Journey to Mars.


There should be a study of Lunar South Pole surface forms and topology utilizing automated rovers. What’s more, helping future route and surface improvement would require the emplacement of looking over landmarks at key benchmarks to prospecting finds. These reviewing resources would be accessible for later surface gathering situational awareness.

This would resemble legacy International Space Station on-orbit automated gathering systems and in addition current ISS mechanical tasks from the beginning. Utilizing these systems could help connect the separation between human spaceflight and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory robotic network. Once the surface asset focuses are comprehended, these can be mapped as a feature of the arranging procedure for extraction and use, accepting water ice exists. 


Giving the huge amount of force anticipated to be required for the Journey to Mars from the moon gives a delta-v favorable position of expanded payload ability to Mars, since that fuel would not need to be propelled from inside the Earth’s gravity well. The pathfinder plan laid out above would likewise give framework/operational testing. On the off chance that moon and Mars water ice properties are equivalent, the moon may fill in as a pathfinder for Mars asset usage. This would appear as preparing for Mars circle tele-mechanical autonomy and in addition Mars team consumable creation that is water and air, and in addition Mars Ascent Vehicle force generation. Can activities conventions be tried, as well as equipment can be tried?

Benefit might be possible if the lunar water stores can be demonstrated and if the cost of extraction, preparing and its delivery from lunar surface to LEO ends up being not as much as the cost of dispatch from Earth

Build on lessons learned

The International Space Station fills in as a specialized incorporation model and exercises learned for extensive scale global combination efforts. It additionally fills in as a model for overseeing global accomplice connections, which have turned out to be a noteworthy piece of the ISS achievement story. The restored investigation life of this kind of a pathfinder would move open energy. Appropriately advertised, there could be expanded STEAM accentuation and national pride and additionally expanded financial open door by making interest for assets found off Earth.


The moon might be a truly necessary pit stop for a long excursion to Mars. The separation to Mars (roughly 54.6 million kilometers at nearest approach) makes accumulation focuses which is beyond the Earth’s gravity well fundamental to the manageability of Mars investigation. By making a request work for force for future investigation and giving key speculations, R&D, and framework to build up the new frontier for space, the U.S. government can make a domain where free undertaking can flourish and the country and world economy can succeed by extending the Earth’s financial domain into space.



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