The collaboration of Israel Aerospace Industry with European Space Agency for the Moon mission

No one can have all the characteristics or resources to fulfill each and every plan. In order to make oneself better one needs help from others. Same goes for the companies too. A company alone cannot meet the demands on its own especially if it is going to achieve a major goal. Different types of contracts and deals are being made among different companies and agencies. The purpose of such contracts is to provide a mutual benefit. Such a deal was signed by important space companies of the world recently.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced that it has been teamed up with the German Space Company OB system AG. The main purpose of this agreement is to help the European Space Agency (ESA) missions to reach the moon.

Israel-European space agency reach moon
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Image Credit: ALEX POLO

This agreement was signed in Tel Aviv during the Ilan Ramon International Space Conference. According to the agreement, IAI will provide a lunar lander which will be based on the Beresheet spacecraft. This lunar lander will be built in collaboration with the SpaceIL. The launch will be next from Cape Canaveral, Florida. OHB which is the main contractor will manage the procedures in conjunction with the ESA. For this purpose, the designers of the scientific devices will be installed on the lander.

The major aim of this collaboration is to provide mission-enabling services for the in-situ resource utilization (ISUR) missions of ESA. The purpose of this mission is to prove that the production of oxygen and water on the moon are practicable. Scientists are hoping to complete this aim by the end of 2025. According to scientists, this is a very important mission because this will provide the chances of the settlement of humans on the moon or on other planets in the future.

Nimrod Sheffer, the CEO of IAI, said, “IAI is proud to partner with a leading global satellite company and to cooperate with German and European Space Agencies.” Sheffer also stated that they are very proud to continue leading the IAI to new heights. IAI is very enthusiastic about the takeoff of Beresheet to space and its trip to the moon in the next month.

In addition to the statements of IAI, ESA also seems very happy by this agreement. Professor Johann Dietrich Worner, the Director-General of ESA welcomed this agreement by saying that it is the advance stepping stone en route for the moon village.


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