Scientists reveal if colonization of Mars possible

According to the recent researches by the scientists, they fear that the radiations might be a potential threat for the scientists who will land on Mars. An insurmountable amount of radiation is feared to come in contact with bodies of scientists which is perilous largely.

Calculations suggest that the first time exposure with the radiations could be as much as 60% of the radiation dose limit that is being set. On Earth the atmosphere protects the immediate contact of these cosmic rays with the body of the humans; however, on Mars, such magnetic fields and atmosphere which can protect humans from these deadly radiations are missing. So, before the scientists jump on the new planet they should have enough precautionary measures to save themselves from the deadly interaction.

Can humans survive on Mars?
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In case the new dwellers of the red planet forget to keep this thing in their minds they might experience serious health issues which may include various kinds of cancers, abnormalities, and degenerative diseases. This is one of the potent causes why there has been so much delay in the planning of mars. The radiations have increased the concerns of the scientists.

Red Planet lost its magnetic field
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Mars lost its magnetic fields some time back because of unexplainable reasons which are why the effects of the radiations of this planet are so grave. The scientists claim that the radiations which will be acquired by the people during their interspatial stay are far more than they face here on earth. The dose of the radiation is far more intense than those which are being used in the International Space Station by the astronauts. It has also been found out that the journey also has enough potential to expose the bodies of the astronauts to face intense radiations which may result in any abnormality or health condition in the scientists.


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