Scientist confirms water ice on moon surface

Moon is the closest neighbor of the planet Earth. Scientist are working and desperately looking for the life on moon. Water is crucial for the life on any planet. Recently researchers from NASA, University of Hawaii and Brown University confirm the presence of water ice on moon surface. These scientists published their research in the Journal proceedings of the National Academy of sciences (PNAS).

Scientist confirms water ice on moon surface

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The presence of water ice on moon surface took a decade for its confirmation by the scientist. In this new study a team of scientist from Hawaii University and brown university led by Shuai Li with NASA researchers work on data received through Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument that is M3, India’s first spacecraft and first moon probe. From November 2008 to August 2009 M3 flew abroad India’s chandrayaan-1 spacecraft. According to this they patterned an idiosyncratic sign of water ice in its polar regions. Though, the data did not confirm its presence at the surface or below the moon surface. The presence of water ice below the surface is not as beneficial for the lunar colonies.

Recently scientist measures the reflective properties of ice and also differentiates the water molecules in liquid water, solid ice or vapor form. They confirm the presence of water ice at the north and south poles on their surfaces with patchy deposits that are easily accessible. At the south poles the deposits are mostly contained within lunar craters and at the northern poles these deposits are mostly spread out.

Presence of the ice water on Moon surface is great news but the question is how it interacts with the larger lunar environment.


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