NASA’s Orion Aces Final Parachute Test Ahead of Moon Mission

A new human exploration spacecraft namely Orion has come forward. It has the ability to take a human to those limits of space where a man could not reach formerly. This has opened gates to further discoveries and exploration of the world and human existence as well.

On September 12th a successful test attempt of this spacecraft Orion was carried out. This was done using three parachutes and another which made the spacecraft ready for its journey from the moon to the earth or around it.

The results of the test are lengthy and it might take time for them to analyze them completely; however, the overall results mark it a success. During the test which was carried out on 12th of September safely happened as the Orion deployed all the parachutes safely in sequence. This happened after the Orion was released at a height of 9.5 kilometers with a c-17 aircraft.

NASA's Orion Space Capsule Aces Final Parachute Test
Mark Kirasich/Twitter

Officials from NASA and the Spectators from the US army witnessed this spacecraft touching down on the American Army’s Yuma Providing grounds. The Orion program manager Mark Kirasich talked about the spacecraft before its maiden flight on NASA television.

NASA Orion Aces Moon Mission
Representational Image

According to Randy Bresnik who spoke on NASA television they are ready to endeavor the space with this spacecraft because the first flight has been quite successful and has made them confident. Orion works with four parachutes which help the spacecraft to land safely on the surface of the moon from deep space. The spacecraft is expected to play a significant role in the further space quests by NASA in future. This will also be pivotal in the execution of the Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway Space Station. So, soon this spacecraft will be the backbone of various NASA projects. NASA is all set to bring more awe-inspiring news form space. Sit back and get yourself ready for more secrets getting uncovered soon.



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