NASA stronghold about Life on Mars

American space agency plans a new mission for NASA to land on Mars in the search of martial life, for this NASA has to make a decision that where they will land their rover on the surface of Mars and to decide the landing area the scientists will sit together and debate. There will be a workshop in Los Angeles where the scientists will have their opinion about final trip towards Mars in 2020.

The associate administrator of NASA’s science mission directorate Mr. Thomas Zurbuchen shared his thoughts that by landing on Mars its will make a ground for further exploration that will be helpful for a next decade. Firstly in 2014, they started with thinking of 30 possible landing sites which are now short listed to four, when all of the recommendations, presentations and ideas are concluded after the debate about the selection of landing area then all the conclusions will be sent to NASA, which will then finalize the landing area till the end of the year.

Mars NASA Viking 1 Orbiter
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As expected in the year 2020 the rover for the Mars mission will be launched in July which will be an addition to the Atlas rocket family to land on Mars in February 2021, currently NASA is not working on any other mission accept this mission to search for life on Mars and the most important thing in this mission is the specific area to land on Mars. As before in August 2014 the scientists who landed their searched for the alien life there and now when they will be sent there again in future they will compare the habitual and plant environment of now and before. Many of the groups wanted that NASA should take part in the searching for alien life more actively and should introduce more technologies to help in detecting alien life as well as to help in operations of astrobiology.

Astrobiology is the study through which we understand and detects the life on other planets that are not similar to that we encounter on Earth.


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