Mysterious Burst of Light Coming from Deep Space Found

The cosmos still remains unexplored to an extent which we cannot estimate. We might be very close to solving some of the biggest queries the universe has plunged us into or maybe we are in tenterhooks means we know nothing. Researchers at the University of California and research center at Berkeley have recently reported such instant flashes out there in the sky with the help of FRB data of the year 2017.

These flashes which last a few moments are so bright that they outshine many gigantic stars; however, the causes behind these happenings still remain unexplored. The new all-powered analysis of the happenings has shown these occurrences as being more frequent then they were actually in the past.

Milky Way Hubble

According to some scientists they might be related to pulsars and supernovas which are rotating neutron stars. There is also a possibility that the FRBS have some link with the extraterrestrial intelligence. These interests SETI a lot.

An object called as FRB 121102 was scanned by Green Bank Telescope in Virginia. This object is present in the dwarf galaxy and it is 300 billion light-years away. It has been repeatedly a source of fast radio bursts which is why it is an important matter in the astronomical community. The reports of the last year suggest that 24 FRBs were coming, however, the figures might be different now. A convolutional neural network was trained by a doctoral student namely Gerry Zhang at SETI to find out the mystery behind the fast radio bursts. They are calling it the Breakthrough Listen project. It is a technique to use the neural network to detect the things present in an image.

FRB discovered

The Breakthrough Listen project through the use of Green Bank telescope has found 21 FRBs which are out there in the space. An improved accounting of FRB activity will make it possible for the astronomers to solve the mystery and make models.


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