Mars to get first US visitor in years

NASA has now made its grand entrance hovering through the rose-colored Martian skies this Monday after covering a journey of six months (300 million miles) journey. This is going to be the first American voyage to explore the Martian underground. The last was made back in 2012 by Curiosity rover.

NASA is trying the most reliable ways to make their voyage productive. The spacecraft will plop down on its tough legs like the earlier spacecraft. After the controllers sitting in California determines the flatness and rock-free coast the spacecraft will place two main science experiments on the surface of Mars. This experiment has not been practiced yet.

One of the science experiment is principled as a hammer that will create a penetration of 16 feet below the Martian surface with an assistance of a heat sensor to measure the Martian internal temperature.

nasa spacecraft risky landing
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Image Credit: NASA

The spacecraft is a complete robot that is made to manipulate every moment needed. It is capable of sensing any pressure or temperature variabilities.

This experiment would familiarize us about the traits of our neighboring planets. Instead of all, the safe arrival of the spacecraft on Mars is the initial concern of all the experts. They believe that landing an unknown planet is really challenging as we are not familiarized with any of its traits. But the U.S has the best record so far as no one can manage a safe landing of the spaceship on the surface of Mars. Before them, A European lander made a very unprofessional landing that had resulted in a bang with the mars. Despite their knowledge, the NASA’s experts are still nervous about it.

The wind gusts could be problematic for the spacecraft and the Parachute as it might push it away from the path. The air storm might hamper the InSight’s capability of generating solar power.

The InSight would enter the Mar at a supersonic 12,300 speed. The parachute and its engine firings would ensure a safe and plane landing of the Spacecraft. The spacecraft would be landing on the Elysium Planitia, an equatorial plane of the Mars. This plain is sizable and flat enough to ensure better landing. If NASA is lucky enough, they might accompany the spacecraft with the satellites to get a live update.

This mission will last for one full Martian year that is equivalent to the two years on earth.


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