Mars One ‘interplanetary Fyre Festival to red planet’ plan failed as the company goes bankrupt

A startup that intended to send people to Mars was filed for bankruptcy in reality T.V style. Mars One got features in 2012 when it reported sending a group of four on a one-way mission to the red planet, mars and projected was anticipated to be launched by 2025.

Presently, Mars One Ventures, the Dutch organization behind the ostentatious task – depicted by some as a ‘self-destructive mission’ that was meant to fail for sure – now has met its end in Swiss bankruptcy court, as per filings originally spotted by a Reddit client.

The association planned to get the mission off the ground by means of donations, capitalists and by marketing. It’s indistinct how much their investors have lost in the process since Mars One been declared bankrupt. Mars One pulled in much fame all through its much-pitched plans for a trek to the red planet, naming it as an ‘interplanetary Fyre Festival.’

Mars One Colony Bankruptcy
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Image Credit: Mars One

The bankruptcy notices show that Mars One Ventures was proclaimed bankrupt on January 15th by the city of Basel, Switzerland. The company has since been disestablished, with less than $25,000 in its accounts, as per filings.

At a certain point, Endemol, the production organization behind Big Brother, said it would advance the working of this progress that has attracted 200,000 candidates. Nonetheless, a Medium report showed that the organization’s claim that it got 200,000 candidates were the only exaggerations.

Rather than accepting 200,000 applications, it asserted Mars One had gotten only 2,761 applications. ‘The whole world will watch and experience this journey,’ Mars One’s website reads. ‘We are all explorers. Everyone, including you, can participate in space exploration. This can be your mission to Mars!’

In 2015, Mars One chose added 100 competitors to the waitlist to get settled on the red-planet. Any selected candidate would then be required to devote eight years of their lives planning for the 300 million-mile (482 million km) mission.

Four crew members would be sent up at first, with the possibility that they’d spend the rest of their lives on Mars. More crew would then be sent intermittently.

In any case, before the mission was to take off, Mars One planned to send a robot and orbiter in 2018, trailed by an exploring meanderer in 2020 and six cargo missions by 2022.


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