Does the defect in the engine of Angara A5 Rocket question the space program of Russia?

Advancement in technology is taking place very fast. New and improved technologies are bringing up by science is very common at the present time. Scientists are working day and night for the advancement of the old technologies.

Proton M is a rocket launched by Russia in the space. A space agency Roscosmos has developed an advanced rocket named as Angara A5. It is actually a heavy lift rocket which is more efficient and is able to carry 20 tonnes more payloads than Proton M into the orbit. They have launched Angara A5 in 2014 for testing. This new rocket is expected to be launched in 2021.

Unfortunately, everything is not as perfect as it seems. Scientists have discovered a defect in this new and advanced rocket. This defect is present in the engine of the rocket. It is so dangerous that it can destroy the whole rocket during its flight. Vladimir Putin the President of Russia has stated that apparently it a setback, but it is very important for the security of the nation. We can also say that it a blessing in disguise.

Defect in space rocket engine
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Image Credit: REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

According to Putin, this rocket Angara A5 is an important improvement which will help the country in its defense. He also said the scientists to work more efficiently so that it can be launched on time. This statement was passed by the president in July. Unfortunately, scientists discovered the defect after in Angara A5 later in July.

Low-frequency oscillations are produced by the engine of the rocket. This defect was reported online on Friday by the RIA news agency. These oscillations can ultimately destroy the whole rocket. Command has been given to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If we give a look at the space program of Russia then we will come to know that it is not going through a good time. As the failure rate of Proton M has reached 10% in more than 100 launches. Russia has also failed the mission of cargo delivery into space. All these incidents put a lot of pressure on Russia to improve its space program.

Reporting by Reuters


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