Thousands Gather in Chile for Solar Eclipse

On July 2, 2019 a total solar eclipse was visible from the Southern Pacific Ocean to the Coquimbo region in Chile Argentina at sunset. Thousands of people gathered to watch the solar eclipse. To watch this phenomenal sight some of the world brightest minds in astronomy in Coquimbo’s La Silla observatory accompany the tourist to spot solar eclipse.

There were present a number of powerful telescopes of this planet, that were placed in the constituency. On Tuesday July 2, 2019 to watch the solar eclipse sight proper protection was required like approved solar glasses. To watch this sight of solar eclipse visible for about 3 minutes or maximum 4 minutes 32 seconds, you need to buy tickets of worth $2,000. And the interesting fact is all tickets were sold out in no time.

Source: VOA News

Thousands of people in conjunction with astronomers from the world gathered in South America. As the only part of the land in the Pacific that entirely lies in the path of Solar eclipse was a tiny Oeno island. This desolated island embarked darkness for about three minutes but according to the observers they were so mesmerized by the sight that they feel it lasts for only few seconds.


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