Can wearing a face mask protect you from coronavirus?

At this time the people are anxious and worried about the epidemic spread of coronavirus. And the first question to be raised in their mind is how to protect them to get infected with the deadly virus.

Is it enough to wear a surgical mask?

Can face mask protect you to get infected with the coronavirus?

What to do actually to be safe?

Is it enough to wear a surgical mask?

The answer of this question is no as the surgical masks are thin and made for surgeons. These masks are good in surgical field to protect nose and mouth from entering the pathogens. It is also quite common to wear them in public to keep safe yourself from pollution and pathogens. But these are not designed to keep out viral particles from entering your nose and mouth.

Firstly these masks are thin and can’t create a proper barrier for the viral infections. And the other important factor is these masks are not designed to fit properly nice and tight around your nose and cheeks.

Can face mask protect you to get infected with the coronavirus?

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A face mask known as N95 respirator or 2019-nCoV can protect you to get infected against coronavirus. These face masks are properly fitted around nose, chin and cheeks and make sure that the wearer don’t breathe around the edges of the mask. Moreover they are designed with a very thick material that creates a proper barrier against viral infections.

But at this point the experts are not recommending these respirators for public use. Because they are thick with tight grip on your face making it harder for the wearer to breath with the mask for longer time period. After wearing them for half an hour you need to take them of for breathing properly and cool down the increased temperature.

What to do actually to be safe?

To be safe from the virus it is very important to maintain a good personal hygiene. According to the medical experts it is advised

To wash your hands frequently

Do not touch your mouth, eyes and nose without washing your hands

Put some water in your nose after washing your hands properly

Avoid close contact with the people having cold and flu

Postpone your travel to China where the virus originated

And if you are already present there then try to stay at home and avoid contact with the people

And frequently disinfect objects and surfaces being touched.


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