BMW to add virtual assistant in its cars as in-car voice control

BMW disclosed its Brainy Private Assistant at TechCrunch Disrupt today. This feature will give the drivers voice control on their car’s settings and different issues related to their car’s health. It is planned to roll out in March of next year in all BMW models with a new operating system 7.0. According to BMW, the on-call technology is brainy and the digital characters like ‘Hey BMW’ helps the driver in many things like controlling vehicle’s setting, location finding and to do entertainment setting and even doing a conversation.

If the driver don’t like “Hey BMW” he can change the assistant’s name as it is designed to learn your preferences over time. It can also pick up all the routines of the user. So, the user can simply say “Hey BMW, take me home”, when they want to go back to their home. Moreover, the setting of cold, temperature, lightening and music can be adjust by simply saying “Hey BMW, I am Cold”, “Hey BMW, I am tired”.

BMW in-car voice controller
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Moreover, BMW user can also ask the assistant about different things of BMW like how high beams work, oil level or any other warning. Also, it is up to the driver if he wants to give access to the assistant to his calendar so that it reminds him about his scheduled appointment. Up next, BMW will also be able to tell his driver about different issues of the vehicle like tire pressure, fuel saving tips and appointments with a service center. It will also be accessible from the smart phones and friendly with other digital assistants, like Alexa.

In 2016, BMW disclosed its connected app, through which users can have access to their some of the features though their phones. But this new in-voice controller is integrated into the vehicles system. Last year it was also announced that BMW is bringing Alexa to its cars though this new assistant is matching to Amazon’s.

Also, this assistant will be available in 23 languages indifferent countries like the US, Germany, The UK, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil and Japan. Also China but in May 2019.The convenience of specific features will depends on the market.


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