Stargazers in UAE Experience an Astonishing View of Lunar Eclipse

A half lunar eclipse occurred on Tuesday when the planet Earth’s shade started covering the moon. The color of the moon turned into red. The moon eclipse was seen at night in the United Arab Emirates and many other countries around the globe.

Moreover, the clear sky made the whole lunar eclipse experience more thrilling for the observers when more than half of Earth’s shade covered the moon.

The event’s pictures were shot by a renowned photographer named as Victor Besa from “The Nationals” He took the pictures of the lunar eclipse in Abu Dhabi at Souq Al Anshetan Mosque which is located near Mina Port. It was also reported that the whole incident lasted approximately five hours, starting from 11 pm and ending around 4 am.

Breathtaking lunar eclipse
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Image: AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili

The moon does not have its own light and it comes from the sun. The moon eclipse occurs when the earth comes in between the sun and the full moon and when all of the three aren’t in the same position. Because of this, some parts of the moon start to come under the shade of earth causing them to become dark and ultimately leading to the lunar eclipse.

Similarly, the red light seen on the moon is also not from the moon itself instead it is the light that passes through the earth towards the moon.

Scientists estimate that tonight about 60 percent of earth’s shade will cover the moon. Another, important thing to know is that observing the lunar eclipse with the naked eye is absolutely safe. However, in the case of a solar eclipse, looking in the sun without any precautions measures may lead to serious eyesight damages.


Ilias Fernini, the deputy director of Sharjah Centre of Astronomy and Space Sciences shared his point of view that the reason why the moon turned red is because, the only red-colored light passes from the sphere of earth towards the moon and hence making it look red. Moreover, according to scientists, the next lunar eclipse is expected to be a full moon eclipse and is estimated to occur on 26 May 2021.


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