7 Big Accidents and Disasters in Spaceflight History

3. Mir-18: Exercise Equipment to the Eye

The space explorers need to be medically fit prior to their voyage. For this, even the spacecraft are nowadays equipped with the desired stuff to ensure the all-day physical fitness.

In Mir-18 mission, Norman Thagard, one of the astronauts, was performing its routine exercise for the knee. That equipment was equipped with an elastic strap to create a resistance. While he was performing the exercise, the strap gets snapped off and flew above the surface and hit his eye while retaining its original position due to which his eye got seriously injured. He was given the instant medical assistance by providing him the steroid eyedrops for the immediate heal.

Mir-18: Exercise Equipment to the Eye

4. Apollo 12: Lightning Strikes and a Head Jam

In Apollo 12, the top of the spacecraft was badly hit by the devastating lightning strikes that ultimately compromised the entire mission.

The first strike was so evident that it created a sense of fear among all the borders. But despite the strike, fortunately, the vehicle wasn’t affected much and it made a safe landing on the surface of the moon. While it splashed down the ocean on landing on earth.

Apollo 12: Lightning Strikes and a Head Jam
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Collection

5. STS-51-L: Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

The space shuttle Challenger disaster is one of the most devastating happenings in the history of spaceflight. This accident happened due to the malfunction rubber seals that are made to separate the boosters from each other. Actually, the shuttle was accelerating faster than the speed of sound due to which it was broken apart.

STS-51-L: Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster


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