7 Big Accidents and Disasters in Spaceflight History

Space expedition is a hard nut to crack as it entails many life-threatening risks. Every single move must be taken very carefully as it is not as easy like driving a car.

Here we are describing seven big space accidents happened so far.

1. ISS Expeditions 36: Water Leak in Astronaut’s Suit

On July 2013, an Italian astronaut, Parmitano drank some water while working outside the ISS. His helmet accidentally started filling with water and due to zero gravity, it started floating in the entire helmet hampering his sense of vision and hearing.

This water was leaked from the coolant system of the spacecraft. The accident resulted in the subsequent termination of the proceedings.

ISS Expeditions 36: Water Leak in Astronaut’s Suit
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

2. Soyuz 1: Parachute Failure

Form the Soviet, the Vladimir Komarov was Russia’s first crew of cosmonauts that were selected for the space flight. He was the first to enter the outer space twice and unfortunately, the second voyage came out to be his last. In the Soyuz-1, he found a fault in the design of his spacecraft which brought him to his death.

This mission aims to orbit around the earth.

Soyuz 1: Parachute Failure
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