20 Best Science and Tech Podcasts to make You Feel Smarter

11. Flash Forward

Flash Forward is one of the best Apple podcasts released in 2016. The major topics of this podcast are related to future scenarios related to science and technology. This podcast has been featured on various Science and Technology based websites like Planet Money, Popular Science, and others.

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  1. The Story Collider

The Story Collider is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010. It provides a unique platform to the scientists, physicists, doctors, neuroscientists, and geologists to share their interesting stories of science and discovery.

  1. Quirks and Quarks

Quirks and Quarks is a Canadian award-winning podcast. It initially started in 1975 on the radio. Now it is featured as a weekly science program by Bob McDonald. He presents the latest information and updates on the cutting-edge scientific and technological discoveries. His topics of discussion range from quantum level to the cosmos. Moreover, he discusses a new scientific and technological innovator every week.

  1. Stuff to Blow Your Mind

The Stuff to Blow Your Mind is a famous science podcast about the cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels, and the neurological quandaries. It started in 2010 as “Stuff from the Science Lab”. Later on, it was rebranded as “Stuff to Blow Your Mind”. Now, it is hosted by Joe McCormick and Robert Lamb. It aims to take its listeners to the very edge of human understanding.

  1. The Nature Podcast

The Nature Podcast is quite popular among public due to its high-quality production and content on Nature, Science, and technology. It is published as a weekly magazine. The magazine consists of the news updates and interviews of the key players in science and technology. Moreover, in-depth commentary and analysis from the science reporters are also included in the magazine.

  1. Physics Central

The Physics Central podcast is all about Physics. It is produced by the American Physics Society which represents over 48,000 physicists. This podcast features the latest scientific meetings and publications explaining the importance of physics to the general public. People get awareness about how everything works and updates on the latest developments in the field. This podcast aims to connect the listeners with the leading physicists by making physics interesting and engaging.

  1. The Science Show

The Science Show podcast provides a unique insight into the latest scientific researches and discoveries around the world.  It is one of the longest-running science podcast in Australia. It is hosted by Robyn Williams. It is both insightful and entertaining for the people who want to stay ahead of the curve in scientific research and discovery.

  1. Radiolab

Jad Abumrad started Radiolab podcast in 2002. Later on, it got famous due to its fascinating and well-researched science stories. Currently, it is hosted by Jad and Robert Krulwich. Up till now, this podcast has an archive of hundreds of episodes. It also won the National Academies Communication Award for its investigative use of radio making science accessible to broad audiences.

  1. Science Vs.

Science Vs. is quite an interesting podcast about the controversial theories and misconceptions in science and technology. It is presented by Gimlet Media. He discusses various topics in his podcasts from the reasons for obesity to the renewable energy resources. This podcast is great for those who like to hear the hard facts of science and technology.

  1. Hubblecast

Hubblecast is a video podcast about the Hubble Mission and science fiction. It is produced in collaboration between the NASA Hubblecast and European Space Agency (ESA). It features high-quality CGI animations and stunning imagery related to astronomy and the Hubble mission.

Bonus Podcasts

1. TED Radio Hour

Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) Radio Hour is a weekly podcast about general-interest science and technology. This podcast features new technologies, innovations, and inventions by science experts. It started in 2013. Now, it is hosted by Guy Raz. He tends to focus on a single subject matter.  Moreover, he includes co-presenters from around the world to discuss the topic in depth.

2. Vertasium

Veritasium is a very interesting Vlog based podcast. It was started by Derek Muller in 2011. Now he has over 4.8 million subscribers. His vlogs are related to General interest science, engineering, and physics. He includes science experiments and interviews with the science experts in his videos.

3. Nate Butkus – The Child Science Podcaster

Nate Butkus started his podcast about Science, Zoology, and Biology in 2015. At that time, he was only 5 years old. His podcast is more tailored to children rather than adults. Most of his podcasts last around 14 minutes. They provide an interesting and entertaining way to explore the science.  Generally, his podcast engages around 3,000 listeners which reflects his popularity among his audience.


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