20 Awesome Facts About Space

As the celebratory period is here once again, a ton of family get together and social gathering are the must. So, instead of cracking same lame jokes over and over again why not switch them with something more productive. This time entertain your fellows by sharing some amazing facts about space that would add up to their knowledge about space.

Here, we have listed some amazing facts about the space that everyone must know:

1. Your tears don’t fall on crying

The water droplets turn to the bubbles on floating down. It means if one sheds tears I space it will remain cling to the skin and would turn into bubbles. This fact sounds funny but it might bring trouble.

Once a female astronaut, Luca Parmitano, suffered from a space suit leak and the water stayed onto her helmet that hinders her visual and auditory senses. But thank goodness she made it safely to the spaceship or else she would have drowned in the space.

2. Dirty underwear and toilet paper aids the plant to grow

American astronaut came up with the fact that a pair of dirty underwear and a toilet paper if folded into a proper sphere, than it will provide sufficient warmth to the seeds of vegetables to sprout out in space. The socks and underwear are unwashed therefore it would be a good source of nutrition for the seeds.

3. A day at Venus is longer than a year on the earth

Yea, it’s a bit strange but yea a day at Venus is equivalent to 224.7 days Earth days. While it takes only 243 days to rotate around its own axis for once.


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