18 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Set In Space, Ranked

5. Farscape

Farscape is flawless blend of all the epic elements that you would expected to see in the finest sci-fi space series produced in the history of TV. Funded with the aid from the Jim Henson Company, this iconic space story follows the dramatic tones of an epic romance surrounded with space Nazis, helium-farting aliens, and a very much alive spaceship that is even capable of giving birth. Isn’t that mindboggling?

Wait till you see the incredible and extended homage that this series pays to Looney tunes. This show will surprise with some of the most gripping plot twists and climaxes. The story follows John Crichton, an astronaut played by Ben Browder, who is trapped down a wormhole and discovers the friendship of a merry band of rebels. In this unknown and mysterious universe, they create a rather untraditional and peculiar family set-up as they struggle to survive in this new world. Farscape is a unique tale of adventure that will charm you with its dramatic story and inspiring characters.

Farscape - 1999
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4. Defying Gravity

It is extremely hard to come to terms with a fact that Defying Gravity, starring Ton Livingston, was indeed an actual show created for primetime television. It was a lot more than a gripping space tale that followed the lives of a team of astronauts as set about exploring solar system. It has a great many similarities to Grey’s Anatomy with all those romantic webs of love affairs, and it brings the action-packed space drama in the middle of all the romance.

It was a fascinating and grounding take on space storytelling, and the sequences were surprisingly relatable and impressively plausible. However, it introduced us to some of the most hideous and weird space elements, including the third-rate sparkly spatial rocks. Even though the show got cancelled, James Parriott, the creator introduced us to some incredible plot twists that would have blown the audience away. It was a very bizarre TV show, but not enough to make us stop yearning for its return.

3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine introduced fans to a unique and mind boggling space drama that provided such a diversely distinctive approach to explore the exciting universe opened up by Star Trek. Long before Captain Sisko, played by Avery Brooks, discovered the warship Defiant, an event that took place in the third season, Deep Space Nine dominated the limelight with its astounding abilities to hook the viewers with a gripping space drama, boldly risky settings, which was a space station nestled in a territory riddled with political tension, and of course, the most iconically diverse characters introduced by the Star Trek series.

Deep Space Nine had an addictively daring approach to narrating a space story, and what made it truly engrossing and mind boggling was its ability to be relatable throughout the course of the story. Whether it was a battle or an incredibly dark moment of fear, Deep Space Nine always managed to stay true to the core principles and elements of Star Trek, and hooked the viewers with the wonders of space without fail.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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2. Battlestar Galactica

If the tough storyline and grippingly dramatic tale of Battlestar Galactica had succeeded to end the story at the second season, it would have undoubtedly dominated this list as the best series based on outer space. In its earliest years of infancy, this series won our hearts by introducing us to the perfect intermingling of grounded characters, a dramatic tale and bold adventures, which make it one of the most iconic space series ever created.

Unluckily, the show began to churn out horrid disappointments halfway through the third season, and after that, it never quite managed to regain its tough dramatic accents and bold power of regaling the story. New Caprica arc and season 4 utterly destroyed the storyline, and left its fans desolate and grieved. However, when the show was at its absolute best, it was without a doubt, one of the best space-set television show that excelled the boundaries and pre-set notions of how space stories will be portrayed on television.

Battlestar Galactica
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1. Firefly

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that majority of the space-centered shows found it highly challenging to survive after the very first season, however, many still succeeded in keeping us hooked for a long, long while. Firefly has emerged as one of the classic cult favorites that reminds of how effortlessly and flawlessly Joss Whedon and Tim Minear presented a mind-blowing space adventure coupled with some legendary Western tropes, surviving long enough to follow up with an iconic feature film.

Firefly has become a legend, and it now holds a permanent position in the hall of fame for sci-fi classics of all time. It would be an exaggeration to say that Firefly has no problems or challenges at all. In fact, one of the greatest problems was the use of Mandarin in the cast and yet, not a single Asian actor in the series. However, it managed to deliver an action-packed series that went on to become a legendary space adventure that promised a thrilling storyline filled with spatial dangers and galactic adventures. With 14 episodes, Firefly managed to carve out a legacy that most shows didn’t manage to create even after ten seasons.

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