18 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Set In Space, Ranked

10. Babylon 5

Babylon 5 is a five-season tale of action-packed adventure that will leave you exalted and thrilled with its dramatic plot twists, gripping story turns, and iconic interplanetary political that is played out with some of the most epic CGI effects created for TV. It was created by Michael Straczynski, who also collaborated with Netflix and the Wachowskis to create Sense8.

The interplanetary battles are utterly and insanely exciting, and the political storyline of this space drama will leave you curious and intrigued. The first season will introduce you to a space station that has been founded to provide all the surrounding alien species of the universe a platform that is neutral and allows them to come to peace in matters of political turmoil and struggle. The wars and political struggle will remind you of the gripping dramas by Shakespeare, while the series also plays up some deep rooted religious drama that is intense.

You will enjoy the warring telepaths, the bold standoffs, and the totalitarian government that is set up at Earth. The characters of Babylon 5 are ruthless, ambitious and bold, and this is what has it one of the most memorable and exciting series for Sci-fi enthusiasts.

Babylon 5 - 1993
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9. Doctor Who

Since the very start of the show, Doctor Who has been using the Tardis to travel around space and explore the mysteries of the universe, and after all these years of watching this iconic show, Tardis has undoubtedly emerged as undisputedly the favorite time machines in the history of TV shows. It is this time machine that has paved the way for countless immersive and thrilling adventures on mysterious spacecrafts from the future, and of course, the past as well.

The episodes that have been recently developed, for instance The Impossible Planet: The Satan Pit with David Tennant, and The Beast Below with Matt Smith, were strictly about adventures without the help of the Tardis. The last episodes that revolved around the escape of Peter Capaldi were also devoid of the Tardis, which makes the show is so much more diverse and immersive.

Doctor Who
Image Credit: Simon Ridgway / BBC AMERICA

8. Final Space

Olan Rogers and David Sacks have managed to create a remarkable new animated series, and even though it is rather early to give a verdict, the first season has proven to be far more engrossing than our expectations based on the trailers. It opens up with some insanely epic sequences set in outer space, and the incredible cast is perhaps the most striking characteristic to keep us hooked. The voice cast includes Tom Kenny, Fred Armisen, Steven Yeun, Tika Sumpter, Gina Torres, David Tennant, Keith David, and most importantly, Mooncake.

Mooncake, is the most infectiously cute yet incredibly strong characters that constantly keeps adding an adorable element of darkness to the explorations of Gary, who is voiced by Olan Rogers. Gary is a one-time prisoner who finds himself battling in an intergalactic conflict over the destiny of Mooncake. It turns out, Mooncake is not as vulnerable and naïve as most consider him to be.

Final Space Sci-Fi TV Show

7. The Expanse

If you like intensely dramatic storylines with an extremely vast lineup of characters, complex political structures and gripping plot twists, the Expanse will take you into a glorious sci-fi adventure. It is a thoroughly bold and immersive series and you can’t help but be delighted by its unique take on the interstellar dynamics, space adventures and politics. It is a sci-fi drama that has been adapted from the popular novels written by James S.A. Corey.

The series present the bizarreness of aliens and alien life in a very strikingly real-to-life manner, which will makes it all the more wondrous and mysterious. The adventures of the G-forces will leave you gripping the remote and praying for the team to survive the challenge they are faced with as they run from one to planet to another. Truly, this is a show that doesn’t spare a second to leave you excited and thrilled with a sense of adventure.

Dominique Tipper in “The Expanse.
Image Credit: Shane Mahood/Syfy

6. Futurama

Matt Groening is popular for his incredible sci-fi adventures and charming tropes, and Futurama is an action-packed journey of space adventures that are loaded with fun, a dramatic sense of humor and some pretty insane references. If you adore high quality animation, this space story has some incredible plot twists and pathos to keep you hooked until the end. It follows the adventures of Planet Express, and even though most of the story revolves on Earth, the team does end up going onto some extremely challenging and thrilling journeys, one even involved Zapp Brannigan, which are an absolute treat to watch.


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