Top 10 Space Conspiracy Theories

1. The Moon Landing Was a Hoax

The father of all mystery theories must be that the landing on moon was faked. Those who claim it is impossible tend to state that US lack technology and compulsory means of transportation- rockets to and from the moon.

They believe that NASA faked the landing to fulfill the President John F. Kennedy’s promise to land a human on moon by 1970.

The Moon Landing Was a Hoax
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Image Credit: NASA

Many evidences are quoted by the skeptics like the stars are not visible in the video documented upon landing on moon which was defended by NASA by saying that the moon and the suits of the astronauts were so reflective that it couldn’t capture the star as well.

Another point is that the flag planted on the moon seems to be in motion or wave. How is that possible with no air moon? This was also defended by NASA saying that it was caused by the upright sift of the pole that made the flag appear as a wave. Many tend to believe, and many deny which makes a mesmerizing conspiracy.

The basic issue of a whole conspiracy is that these theories have no way to convince people who tend to be strong supporters of them that they might be false. They may indicate on any proof given whatsoever to be fabricated or is a lie. They may argue that the government states facts without valid or much proof. You can say that an argument with a theorist is like “left is left and left is right.”

But the beauty of these conspiracies is that one gets to ponder upon the hidden truths from many angles and strive to know the realities that can be perceived so easily.


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