10 Most Amazing Galaxies In The Universe

Our Universe is both amazing and massive. Our solar system belongs to the Milky Way galaxy which is composed of billions of stars, planets, dust, and gas. Moreover, there are approximately two trillion galaxies present in the entire Universe. All the galaxies are full of amazing space discoveries. They also possess some specific shape and pattern.

Like our Milky Way galaxy is spiral-shaped. Many other galaxies are irregular or elliptical shaped. The gravitational interactions bound them all together.

Most Amazing Galaxies in the Universe

Here we have listed the 10 most amazing galaxies discovered so far by the astronomers in the universe:

1. The Sombrero Galaxy (M106)

The Sombrero Galaxy is considered as one of the most beautiful galaxies in the universe. The astronomers also call it as NGC 4594 or M104. It consists of a bright central nucleus with a large central bulge. There is a dark dust lane in the shape of an inclined disk in the galaxy. Both the central bulge and the dust lane combine together to give a shape of a sombrero to the galaxy. Apparently, the magnitude of the Sombrero Galaxy is +9.0. Due to which, it can easily be seen by using an amateur telescope.


2. The Black Eye Galaxy (M64)

The Black Eye Galaxy is also known as the “Sleeping Beauty galaxy” among the astronomers. It is almost 17 million light-years away from our Earth. It consists of a large number of stars forming the Hydrogen gas. Due to which, there is red color in the middle of the galaxy. Surprisingly, the inner part of the Black Eye Galaxy rotates in one direction. While the stars and the dust located at 40,000 light-years away rotate in another direction.

blackeye galaxy
Image Source: Wikimedia

3. The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51a)

The Whirlpool Galaxy is one of the best-known galaxies in the sky. It is also known as Messier 51a or NGC 5194. It is one of the most amazing galaxies in the universe with a spiral shape. It is situated at about 23 million light-years in the constellation Canes Venatici. It can easily be viewed using binoculars. Therefore, the professional astronomers study about the galaxy structures and interactions through this galaxy.

whirlpool galaxy



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